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Camella Orani is located at Brgy. Tugatog, Orani, Bataan.

Anyone looking to escape big city life will love the more relaxed, slower pace of life in Orani, on the Bataan peninsula. Far more rustic than the nearby Metro Manila, the town is blessed with fantastic scenery, friendly locals and excellent transport links to nearby attractions and cities.

Orani is also home to all of the important local facilities and amenities you might need. There’s no need to make the drive to Metro Manila to get things done, as the local area contains a wealth of educational and medical institutes, business districts and entertainment options.

Camella Orani is also very easily accessed from both the Roman Superhighway and the Bataan National road. This makes getting around north, south, east or west a piece of cake, and offers stress free travel around the country. The nearby City of Balanga for example is just a short drive away.

Life at Camella Orani really does offer the best of both worlds, with thriving cities a stone’s throw away, stunning national parks more or less on the doorstep and calm, rustic countryside in between. Closer to home, you’ll find the local facilities ideal, no matter your lifestyle.

Educational facilities

With a great many lots targeting families, it’s important that the local area can provide a number of excellent educational facilities. Orani is certainly able to deliver, and within three kilometers of the development, you can find more than ten respectable schools. The well respected Orani National High School is just a short walk away from your front door, but the following, top class alternatives are also close;

  • Paraiso Elementary School
  • Pulo Elementary School
  • Jose Rizal Institute
  • BLC International School

In terms of higher education, the Bataan Peninsula State University Orani Campus is located less than two kilometers away.

Health Care

Access to excellent health care facilities is a must when you’re considering a move to a new area, especially if you have children or elderly relatives. Fortunately, Camella Orani is ideally situated less than three kilometers from two hospitals. The Orani District Hospital is fairly large with an ER unit to deal with emergencies, and it’s possible for an emergency vehicle to arrive at Camella Orani within ten to fifteen minutes.

Larger hospitals, offering certain specialist units can be found in the neighbouring City of Balanga. These are quickly and easily reached should you need to visit.


There are a number of things to do within Orani, as well as in the surrounding area. While Orani itself is not a huge town, it is home to numerous shops and restaurants, offering goods and flavours from around the world. The Orani Public Market is just a short walk down the road and is a fantastic place to buy local produce.

For more bars, restaurants and shopping outlets, it’s worth changing the scenery a bit and heading south to The City of Balanga. Here you’ll find a wealth of malls, boutique shops, world class restaurants and bars.

Bataan National Park is also very close by, and offers an excellent day out away from everyday life. The mountainous park is great for hiking adventures, mountain climbing and much more.


  • San Ildefonso Church


  • SM Marilao


  • Jesus of Nazareth Hospital
  • Balagtas Doctor's Hospital

Terminal Station:

  • German Espiritu Liner Inc.


  • St. Martin de Pores
  • La Consolacion, Assumpta Academy
  • Dona Trinidad Mendoza Institute


  • Bulakan Public Market

Major Road:

  • Mc Arthur Highway


  • Jeep
  • FX
  • Bus

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